Femera (Letrozole)

Trade Names: Femera

Chemical Names: Letrozole

Routes: Oral

As much as everyone raves about Letrozole due to its effects on paper, I personally feel there are better drugs for users on steroid cycles that come with far less potential side effects. It is not the best cancer fighting drug for women in pre-menopausal, actually it’s completely ineffective as the main source of estrogen is from the ovaries. However it has been proven highly effective in post-menopausal women due to estrogens from the peripheral tissues. It is not normally used in a first line defence for cancer fighting as many doctors have found favour with Tamoxifen.

For fertility treatment it has been noted that when estrogen levels are supressed, the pituitary increases Follicle-Stimulating-Hormone and Luteinizing hormone and in result would then raise your natural testosterone levels by this mechanism. The reason for this is that while on a steroid cycle and we are busy injecting testosterone, some of the testosterone can and will be converted to estrogen. When an estrogen molecule occupies the testosterone receptor site, it blocks the ability of serum testosterone from providing a healthy hormonal signal, regardless of the amount of serum free testosterone available, and this is due to excess estrogen competing for the same cellular receptor sites. This is a clear problem I have seen with a number of our members reporting low sex drive while on high doses of testosterone therapy. So as you can see Letrozole can be used as part of a Post Cycle Therapy treatment in aiding and promoting natural testosterone production, as well as enhaching the effects of our cycles, so our bodies can stop favouring estrogen as the dominant hormone.

In 2009 a clinical trial was carried out using the Aromatase Inhibitor Letrozole (Ferma) to treat male infertility and report the outcome on spermatogenesis. A 31 year old male with primary infertility and normal levels of FSH and no obstructive azoospermia on his testicular biopsy. He was treated with the drug for 4 months and the outcome showed normal spermatogenesis levels after the treatment term.

As you can see Letrozole is an will be a very effective drug in treatment of infertility and aiding in natural testosterone production, however I personally do not have enough data to support its effectiveness over a well tried and tested PCT that Doctari has advised under our Post-Cycle-Therapy section.

Just like my earlier write-up and concerns with Tamoxifen and fertility in women it is strongly advised for our female members to use this drug early in their menstrual cycle to make sure it can be discontinued before a fertilized embryo is present, or you could land up with certain birth defects if you fall pregnant while on the treatment of this drug. Other potential side effects are that of hair loss, hot flashes, diarrhoea, and dizziness to name a few. In rare cases people have reported side effects such as depression and/or anxiety and blood clots, so strokes can be a concern.

Letrozole is one of the cheaper Aromatising Inhibitor found on the black market and due to this it is a very popular choice among steroid users to include in their steroid cycle to prevent estrogen related side effects “gynecomastia” and limit water retention while taking aromatising steroids. An initial dose of 0.25mg every other day should be your safe starting point with this drug and for most users enough in the prevention or onset of gynecomastia. I would then up the dose accordingly to your cycle layout and choice of stack if you start to experience itchy / tingly sensation or puffy nipples. For people with gynecomastia and trying to treat this cause, some reports recommend a dose of 2.5mg every day; however this is going to put a huge toll on your body’s immune system and affect your cholesterol in a negative way. I personally have found no difference in estrogen suppression between 1mg and 2.5mg ED, except far greater side effects.


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