Cerazette 168 Tablets

  • Cerazette is an oral contraceptive tablet for use by women to prevent pregnancy
  • Cerazette is a progestogen-only-pill
  • Cerazette is a highly effective contraceptive
  • Cerazette can be used by women who do not tolerate oestrogens and by women who are breastfeeding
  • Prescription only



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There are 2 main kinds of hormone contraceptive for women:

  • The combined pill (The Pill) which contains 2 female sex hormones: an oestrogen and a progestogen.
  • The progestogen-only pill (POP) which doesn’t contain an oestrogen.

Cerazette is a progestogen-only-pill (POP) and contains a small amount of one type of female sex hormone, the progestogen desogestrel.

Cerazette is different from most POPs – it has a dose that in most cases prevents the egg cell from ripening as well as by preventing the sperm cells from entering the womb. As a result, Cerazette is a highly effective contraceptive.

A disadvantage is that vaginal bleeding may occur at irregular intervals during the use of

Cerazette. Or you may not have any bleeding at all.


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